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Cultural Conversations by Art D'Egypte

Oct 1, 2020

A conversation with Philip Machat, managing director of BARTA Art Insurance. 

“Second to none insuring art” is not only a slogan, it is the core element of Barta & Partner’s philosophy. Barta & Partner is intrinsically connected to the art market.

Barta & Partner has been managed by insurance specialist Nikolaus Barta since it was founded in 1996 in Vienna, Austria. In 1998 Barta & Partner opened offices in London, followed by Zurich in 1999, Singapore in 2005 and Sydney in 2011. Nikolaus Barta brings extensive experience to the art insurance business as prior to establishing Barta & Partner he was integral to establishing the art insurance branch of Nordstern lnsurance and subsequently worked for the AXA Group.

The Barta & Partner team consists of experienced art historians and insurance professionals with outstanding expertise and a full commitment to the client.

Barta & Partner has access to an extensive network within the art market spanning from leading international insurance companies like LLoyds of London to independent security firms, experienced restorers and appraisers working with major auction houses.

Since 20+ years Barta & Partner has been active in the Egyptian Insurance market, being in charge of the insurance of most of the major global traveling exhibitions leaving the Egyptian museums. Among those are Blockbuster exhibitions like Tut Anch Amun, Cleopatra, etc which have been traveling the worlds most important museums around the globe since decades.